My Current Pull List

For those of you who have the displeasure of knowing me in non-professional settings (or professional, for that matter, but this is beside the current point), you’ll know I like to wear fun/clever/fictional/superhero type t-shirts. It’s kind of my thing (Currently Wearing: This.). I spend far too much money on them, and am a complete snob when it comes to the type I’ll wear (think: soft, tri-blends, etc.).

For some who have known me for a long time, this is somewhat unexpected. I come across (rightly, in most cases) as a pretty straight-laced, logical, non-whimsical, no-nonsense kind of guy. But get to know me, and you’ll find I’ve got a part of my personality that I’ve cultivated that is purposefully different than my more visible parts. And one of the pieces of that part of my personality is a love for superheroes and comics.

This is not a part of my conscious personality that has much age to it – about 3-4 years in fact. Or whenever Ironman released in the theater (IMDB tells me that was 2008). And it’s a part that has grown slowly, but is now a regular and enjoyable part of my pleasure time (which is rare, and chiefly reading or watching movies/shows after the family is asleep).

I get my comics (known as a Pull List if you reserve them) from a famous, and local, comic shop here in Charlotte. Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find is a great shop, run by a great group of folks. My Pull List has grown over the last year (too much, in fact), but I thought I’d list it here. I was going to rank them, but I don’t think that’ll work. I pull each of these for specific reasons, and those reasons are not in competition with the others, so ranking them doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense. And all it takes is one good arc, or really one amazing issue, and I’d need to re-rank. But make no mistake: I do have my favorites. Just ask me. I’m not shy.

Current Pull List

  • Marvel Titles
    • All-New X-Men by Brian Michael Bendis
      • How do you convince Cyclops that he’s on the wrong path? If you’re Hank McCoy (The Beast), you go back in time and get the Original X-Men and bring them to the present to reason with him (including his younger self). Problems? You bet.
    • Captain America by Rick Remender
      • After Brubaker’s epic run on Cap, Remender took him in a totally different direction (and that direction is 70’s Sci-Fi right now). This was, until recently, my favorite current arc. Still right there at the top.
    • Uncanny Avengers by Rick Remender
      • Let’s see, Captain America, Thor, Havok, Rogue, and Wolverine headlining an Avengers team? I’m in, especially with Remender guiding that ship.
    • Ironman by Kieron Gillen
      • This was on my list of drop candidates until Gillen started his “Secret Origin of Tony Stark”. Very entertaining, and the “Godkiller” mini-arc leading in was good too.
    • Thanos Rising by Jason Aaron
      • True to form, Jason Aaron is off to a great start through Issue #3. The last scene of the most recent issue was awful. Seriously – try to read that if you have a family and not be horrified. And yet? I read on. Why? We’ll see – I have my ideas.
    • Thor: God of Thunder by Jason Aaron
      • If you can read this current arc and not love it, well, I would have words with thee. Between Aaron’s writing and plotting, and Ribic’s art, this is currently my favorite read. Nothing I say here will adequately portray how much I’m enjoying this run currently except perhaps that I’m stuck in the classic place you want to be, and hate being. Namely, I want to know how this plot will conclude because it’s incredible, but I also don’t, because I’ll never get to read it ‘new’ again.
  • DC Titles
    • Batman by Scott Snyder
      • Snyder’s Court of Owls arc was absolutely incredible. If you like Batman – or like me, cannot get enough of him – then do yourself a favor and go read that run. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Joker arc, but the Zero Year as started off very nicely.
  • Independent Titles
    • Helheim by Cullen Bunn
      • Just started this one last night. I got onto this because of Bunn’s work on Sixth Gun, and this one is off to a great start. Norse, undead, sorcery, and amazing art. I’m looking forward to this one developing.
    • Black Science by Rick Remender
      • This one doesn’t ship until November, but if Remender is going to do whacked-out Sci-Fi with the kind of art Scalera can throw down, I’m in. Can’t wait.
    • Dresden Files by Dynamite Comics
      • I’m a huge Jim Butcher fan for his work on Harry Dresden as well as Codex Alera. So I pull this from Dynamite whenever they release – which is sporadic. Keeps me happy until the next Dresden novel releases. Which can’t be soon enough, thanks.

Lastly, I’m currently reading The Sixth Gun in catch-up mode. I’m way behind (just finished Issue 6 and there are 30+), but I found out about the series from Jason Aaron and grabbed Volume 1. It is incredibly good. I think I’m going to write a blog post on it at some point – really creative work by Bunn, and Brian Hurtt’s art is incredible.

Now…what should I read tonight…

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