Lines, Connections, and a New Twitter Handle

I changed my Twitter handle today. What used to be @the_hhg, is now @linetracer. I thought I’d throw up a brief blog post as to why.

For the past two months, I’ve been thinking about what it is in life that I do at a basic, fundamental, level. At some training a few months back, I landed on ‘builder’. And I still think that gets very close. But something just felt like it was missing. In the end, I think for a one word answer ‘builder’ is about as good as I’ll do.

Last week, I had the privilege of meeting with a couple from my church who I am called to care for as members of my ‘flock’. This couple is struggling (well) through some really, really hard times and decisions. As I was preparing to meet with them, I wrote down three principles or truths that would, I prayed, help them as they navigate through this latest round of decisions. And as I was preparing to meet with them, the two months of thinking came together.

So if I’m allowed a fuller answer than the one word ‘builder’, I’d say this: I trace lines laid down by others. Sometimes, I lay down my “own” lines (I don’t think for a second they’re original to me). But with those lines I always do the same thing: I seek to make connections that add benefit to others and myself (hopefully in that order).

So for now, that’s my story of who I am in all areas of my life (faith, family, career, hobbies, etc.). And now my Twitter handle reflects it.

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