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vSphere Virtual Flash Read Cache – Review

For those of you who bother having my site in an RSS feed for tech stuff, I reviewed vFRC over at my new blog.

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New Blog Post: Introducing the QNAP TS-421

I’m in the process of transitioning blogs, but while that’s underway I’ll still crosspost relevant technical posts here for those that grab the RSS feed. In the below post, I introduce my latest home lab addition: QNAP’s TS-421.

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vFRC and Default VM Compatibility Setting

A brief post that likely falls under the “already knew that” category for most of you, but as I found this setting while poking around in the vSphere Web Client (trying to force myself to learn it), I thought I’d … Continue reading

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How Multicore Everything (MCx) Makes FAST Suite Even Better

My colleague, Jason Nash, wrote a really excellent blog post on the recently announced VNX2 line from EMC. I heartily recommend you go read that post first (if you haven’t already) and then come back here. My post is going … Continue reading

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Lines, Connections, and a New Twitter Handle

I changed my Twitter handle today. What used to be @the_hhg, is now @linetracer. I thought I’d throw up a brief blog post as to why. For the past two months, I’ve been thinking about what it is in life … Continue reading

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My Current Pull List

For those of you who have the displeasure of knowing me in non-professional settings (or professional, for that matter, but this is beside the current point), you’ll know I like to wear fun/clever/fictional/superhero type t-shirts. It’s kind of my thing … Continue reading

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HeroesCon ’13

For Christmas, my brother-in-law bought me a 3-day Advanced Pass to HeroesCon here in Charlotte. I had a really good time, and thought I’d share a few pictures and comments. On Friday, I only had about an hour to get … Continue reading

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Sisyphus and Microsoft Licensing for VDI

You’ve heard of Sisyphus and his punishment at the hands of Zeus right?  That Sisyphus would, for all eternity, roll an enchanted boulder to the top of a steep hill, only to see it too heavy for him to crest … Continue reading

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vNook Book Review: In Defense of Food

As a way to collect my thoughts after finishing a book, I’ll post a review here. I’ll do two reviews: an ADD review, and a regular review. ADD Review Author: Michael Pollan Source/Cost: Cost: $9.99 Book Shelf: Lifestyle, Health … Continue reading

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Creating Space – For Health (By Juicing)

How I Got to Juicing As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve decided one way I’m going to attempt to improve my health is by juicing fruits and vegetables. This is, admittedly, a shortcut to where I want to … Continue reading

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