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vSphere Virtual Flash Read Cache – Review

For those of you who bother having my site in an RSS feed for tech stuff, I reviewed vFRC over at my new blog.

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New Blog Post: Introducing the QNAP TS-421

I’m in the process of transitioning blogs, but while that’s underway I’ll still crosspost relevant technical posts here for those that grab the RSS feed. In the below post, I introduce my latest home lab addition: QNAP’s TS-421.

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vFRC and Default VM Compatibility Setting

A brief post that likely falls under the “already knew that” category for most of you, but as I found this setting while poking around in the vSphere Web Client (trying to force myself to learn it), I thought I’d … Continue reading

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How Multicore Everything (MCx) Makes FAST Suite Even Better

My colleague, Jason Nash, wrote a really excellent blog post on the recently announced VNX2 line from EMC. I heartily recommend you go read that post first (if you haven’t already) and then come back here. My post is going … Continue reading

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Lines, Connections, and a New Twitter Handle

I changed my Twitter handle today. What used to be @the_hhg, is now @linetracer. I thought I’d throw up a brief blog post as to why. For the past two months, I’ve been thinking about what it is in life … Continue reading

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My Current Pull List

For those of you who have the displeasure of knowing me in non-professional settings (or professional, for that matter, but this is beside the current point), you’ll know I like to wear fun/clever/fictional/superhero type t-shirts. It’s kind of my thing … Continue reading

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HeroesCon ’13

For Christmas, my brother-in-law bought me a 3-day Advanced Pass to HeroesCon here in Charlotte. I had a really good time, and thought I’d share a few pictures and comments. On Friday, I only had about an hour to get … Continue reading

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